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Customer Support

What customer support is available?

We offer same day email support to users. If you leave a number, we can phone you back.

What if I spot a problem?

Just let us know. We aim to be bug free and will act on all bug reports you send us.

I'd like to suggest a new feature. Can I do that?

Yes, of course. We welcome feedback and will consider all suggested features for inclusion in a future version of Vespula. We will aim to let you know if we plan to use an idea you've suggested.


Which certificates can I create?

You can create Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificates (MEW), Electrical Installation Certificates (EIC) and Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR). We will shortly be adding Emergency Lighting Completion Certificates and Fire Alarm Certificates. Vespula creates high quality certificates in pdf format. The boxes on the flexible certificates adjust their size to fit the data you enter, so no more struggling to fit pre-defined templates. You can upload photographs and add them to your certificates.

Does Vespula comply with IET Regulations?

Yes, Vespula complies fully with IET Wiring Regulations Eighteenth Edition (BS 7671: 2018). You will receive amendments for any changes to the regulations free of charge.

Where is my data stored?

When you work on a job, all the data for that job is temporarily downloaded to your computer, tablet or phone. If you are connected to the Internet while you work, any changes you make are continually 'synchronised' with your data in the Vespula cloud. If you are not connected to the Internet, changes are stored on your device and are synchronised later when you next connect up. Vespula's cloud is hosted by Microsoft and uses its Azure services. Thousands of companies use Microsoft Azure, including BMW, Heineken and Real Madrid Football Club.

Can I do everything offline?

Almost! You will need an Internet connection to create your job and to open it on your computer, tablet or phone. Once it is set up, you can enter all the data for your job offline. You can create new boards, circuits and contacts as well as modifying any existing data. You will need an Internet connection to view your certificates.

Can two (or more) people work on the same job at the same time?

Yes, of course! You can assign user accounts to different people in your company, and then two or more of them can work on the same job at the same time. If they are all connected to the Internet while they work, their changes are synchronised continually, so they can all see the changes within a couple of minutes of their colleagues making them. If a colleague is working offline, their changes will be synchronised with everyone else's as soon as they connect back up to the Internet.

Hang on a minute, why don't the data entry screens look like the certificate?

We've made the data entry pages match how you work, not how the certificate is laid out. So you enter data in the same way for all the different types of certificate and you won't need to learn a new interface each time the regulations change. If you want to see what the certificate looks like so far, you can preview it on screen at any time (provided you have a connection to the Internet).

Will Vespula save me time?

Absolutely. Because you can enter data on site, whether there is an Internet connection available or not, you can virtually eliminate tedious form-filling back in the office. There are some great features to make it quicker to enter data, for example you can add a new board with any number of circuits in just 3 or 4 steps on one form. You can also create a new job, board or circuit by copying an existing one, and you can set up your own types of circuits with whatever defaults you want.