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About Vespula

Vespula started when Bob Pottle was looking for a system that he could use to help him create electrical certificates. He tried the existing products and found nothing that met his exacting standards for ease of use and presentation. So he decided to partner with a couple of Cambridge University software bods and create his own system. They helped him to create a software system that would work anywhere, any time and on any device.

Bob has over 40 years of experience as an electrician and worked as an NICEIC Inspecting Engineer for 5 years. Bob and his team have field trialled all versions of the system so you can be confident that it will work the way an electrician wants. They create all types of electrical certificates (MEWs, EICs and EICRs) and work on everything from small domestic installations and alterations to large commercial and industrial jobs with hundreds of circuits.

Rachel and Mike both started work as electrical engineers before moving into software design. Rachel has been running her own consultancy since 1997 and Mike has led software design teams in large companies and is currently also CTO of a start-up company creating an iPhone app.

The combination of practical electrical knowledge and academic expertise has created a product with unique features which is easy to use, saves you time and creates the most professional certificates.