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Team Vespula

Vespula started when electrician Bob Pottle was looking for a system he could use to help him create his electrical certificates. He tried the existing products and found nothing that met his exact standards for ease of use and presentation. So, he decided to partner with a couple of Cambridge University software bods, Mike and Rachel, to build his own system. They helped him to create a software system that would work anywhere, any time and on any device. Bob and his team field test all versions of the system so you can be confident that it will work the way an electrician wants.

The combination of practical electrical knowledge and software design expertise has created a high quality product with unique features which is easy to use and creates professional certificates.

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We’re very sad to say that Bob, who had the original ideal for Vespula ten years ago, lost his battle with cancer in September 2019. With more than 40 years as an electrician or electrical inspector, he was the inspiration behind what we do, but he insisted “the show must go on”. So we push on with the same enthusiasm as ever, though we miss his larger than life character, the powerful handshake and his charming smile.


CTO and Co-founder

Rachel studied electrical engineering at Cambridge University and then software design theory at Oxford University. She started work as an electrical engineer, before moving into software design and setting up her own software design consultancy in 1997.


Director and Co-founder

Mike studied electrical engineering at Cambridge University and has since spent 30+ years leading software development teams at large companies. For the last 7 years he has worked as CTO of a software company, while also working on Vespula.


Director and Co-founder

Simon has over 40 years of experience working as an electrician. He is Bob’s business partner and together they run their electrical testing and installation company in London.



Mark worked as a tradesman before making a career change to study history at Sheffield University. He then followed his passion for history all the way to Oxford University. These days, as well as running our marketing, Mark edits diaries and letters from World War 1, and has written a radio play for Helena Bonham-Carter.


Software Developer

Tony made a career change from personal trainer to software developer, and now works with Rachel to develop Vespula and ensure everything runs smoothly.


Electrician and field tester

Leigh has been working as an electrician with Simon and Bob’s company for several years. He field tests any new updates to Vespula and provides the feedback we need to ensure the software operates the way a working electrician would want.


Electrician and field tester

Jake works as an electrician for Simon and Bob’s company and helps to field test the Vespula software and provide feedback.