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In December 2020, the Vespula team became part of Megger Ltd. In June 2021, the Vespula Electrical Certification software was re-launched as CertSuite. CertSuite has all the features of Vespula, plus some exciting new ones such as Electrical Vehicle Charging Point certificates.

If you already have a Vespula account, you can use the same username and password in CertSuite and see all your reports and certificates as normal. Please remember to update any ‘Favourite’ links in your browsers to point to CertSuite instead of Vespula.

Please go to CertSuite.app

CertSuite offers the same one month free trial to new users.

Click here to start your free trial

The CertSuite product is also available as an app for Android, and we plan to have an app for Apple iOS devices soon.



Landlords are taking on board the law change effective from 1 June 2020 that means that all occupied residential premises must be EICR tested every 5 years.

Landlords must have EICRs carried out by 1 April 2021 for existing tenancies, and before any tenancy starts in the case of new tenancies or renewals beginning on or after 1 July 2020.

If you want to brush up on your EICR skills, by following a real life test and form fill, then watch Artisan Electrics recent EICR YouTube videos.

Vespula proudly sponsored the one linked to here, but they are all worth watching.

"I got paid faster than all the other installation contractors on site, because my certificates were completed quickly, and were all spot on first time"

Davey O', Sparkright Electrical

Packed with great features

Easy to use

Packed with features to save you time – like selecting from defaults and copying board and circuit data.

Multiple Users

Different members of your team can work on the same job at the same time.

Cloud Storage

Store your data in the cloud and access it wherever you are.

Use on or offline

Vespula works offline and sends your data to the cloud when you next have an internet connection.

Include digital photographs

Take photos of observations and include them in your reports.

Works on any device

Vespula can be used on tablets and phones, as well as laptops and desktops.

"Reduces the time it takes us to prepare reports and certificates by 50% and the ability to include digital photographs is the icing on the cake"

Tom Barrett, Austin Turner & Co Ltd

Take a look around the software

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"I find Vespula very intuitive and easy to use. Without needing any tutorials I've managed to find my way around the software with ease"

Sam, Voltaire Electrical

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